Water-cooled UV/LED Curing Systems for Printing, Coating and Processing Applications

Mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of UV curing systems, LEDUV curing systems, suitable for all kinds of printing machines at home and abroad, the company's products are exported to a number of countries, well received by users.

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Product Series

UV LED Curing Systems & Accessories

WT is a professional R&D and production company for water-cooled UV curing systems and LED UV curing systems.

WT has an array of UV lamps and LED products to meet almost any printing or conversion need. All presses can be integrated seamlessly.

UV LED System

WT's LED water cooling system uses a plane lens, which increases the light intensity by more than 30%; there is no color difference between the ink layers after curing; the paper temperature is kept at room temperature; and the curing is thorough for UV inks.

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Tradition UV System 

Pioneering the use of water-cooled UV technology in the industry, we provide efficient and reliable UV curing solutions for the printing process. Our UV systems have outstanding applications in various fields, such as offset printing, label printing, gravure press, and flexo.

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Cast & Cure

Coating is a key factor of cast & cure which not only protects final products but also offers a high-end and refined appearance. The design of I-Coat module overturns existing apparatus with cylinder which can be repositioned and individual driven for fast plate change and registration. 

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Sheet-fed Gravure Press

This machine is mainly suitable for cigarette packages and other packaging printing, especially gold ink, silver ink printing, and other large-area ground color printing. It can also undertake UV and water-based coating printing and other security special printing. It can be applied to offset paper.

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Our Solution

Tradition UV Systems  & LED Drying (Curing) Solution

WT is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of UV curing systems and LEDUV curing systems, which can meet almost all printing or conversion needs. WT seamlessly integrates all products to fit your machine.

How We Retrofit :

1. Water-cooled

An advanced water-cooling system ensures prolonged and efficient equipment operation.

2. De-powder spray 

Utilizing de-powder spray technology to remove unwanted substances from the surface ensuring print quality.

3. De-lamination 

Ensuring a smooth surface of the printing substrate through the de-lamination process.

4. De- preparation time 

Minimizing equipment preparation time for improved production efficiency.

5. Cast & Cure

Employing "Cast & Cure" technology, utilizing LED curing to ensure high-quality production.

Sheetfed Gravure Press

Performance characteristics:

1. pneumatic interlocking mechanism, front gauge photoelectric detection, ultrasonic double sheet detection mechanism.
2. A coating module can be added.
UV (ultraviolet) varnishing oil, partial coating, full coating (special order)
IR (infrared) water-based varnish for partial varnishing and full varnishing,
3. The lifting-type paper delivery machine is convenient for operation.
4. Equipped with a roller-type anti-smear device and a blowing and suction box to quickly solve the problem of paper smearing.
5. Variable speed paper feeding mechanism, paper preset, non-stop paper feeding, mechanical double sheet control.
6. Conjugate cam-controlled eccentric up-swing oscillator, down-swing front rule.
7. Brand new appearance design, beautiful and fashionable.

Technical Parameters:

Max Output 8000S/H

Max Printing Area


Max Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Max Feeder Height


Max Delivery Pile


Impress CylinderØ


Gripper Margin


Net Weigth


Overall Dimensions (LWH)



Our Applications

Traditional UV curing solutions for printing & packing

WT has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of UV curing solutions across a wide range of applications in the printing, coating, and converting industries.

From the drawing board, WT UV systems are conceived to perfectly integrate into the wider system, working at optimum efficiency and with the highest reliability to reduce operating costs, environmental impact, and unscheduled downtime.

UV LED system for label press
The UV LED system for label press utilizes UV LED light sources to provide an efficient, low-energy solution for label printing. It instantly cures the ink without the need for hot air or extended drying processes, greatly enhancing production efficiency.
UV LED system for label press
UV cassette in ID(Interdeck)
UV Cassette in ID (Interdeck) is a critical equipment used in the printing industry for UV curing during the printing process. This device is typically positioned between the printing units of a printing press and is used to instantly cure inks or coatings using ultraviolet (UV) light radiation after the application of printing ink to the substrate.
UV cassette in ID(Interdeck)
UV Cassettes On EOP
UV Cassettes on EOP (End of Press) is an advanced technology used for environmental pollution control. It consists of UV lamps and an EOP and is employed to remove harmful pollutants from both air and water.
UV Cassettes On EOP
Cabinets for UV LED system
UV Cassette in ID (Interdeck) is a critical equipment used in the printing industry for UV curing during the printing process. This device is typically positioned between the printing units of a printing press and is used to instantly cure inks or coatings using ultraviolet (UV) light radiation after the application of printing ink to the substrate.
Cabinets for UV LED system

Why us

We are passionate about using technology to make a difference in the world.

With rising energy costs, switching to WT UV LED systems can dramatically reduce your energy usage whilst also reducing CO2 emissions for a positive environmental impact.



Automatic adjustment 10-100%.
The UV Lamp output is adjusted by the speed of the press automatically 10-100%.

Lifetime 1500 hours
The lifetime of the UV lamp up to 1500 hours.





Cut energy costs by up to 50%
High efficiency closed outdoor water tower without compressor, using natural cooling principle.

Shorten gripper width to 12mm.

Shorten gripper width to 12mm


Water-cooled UV/LED System Solution Provider

Professional R & D and production of water-cooled UV curing system, LED _ UV curing system one-stop overall solutions.



WT is a company with a history of 17 years of UV/LED Curing Solution Provider.



Experience with over 1000 projects in over 30 countries sets us apart from our competitors.



After years of experience and accumulation, we have more than 500 long-term customers.



The technical and service team with more than 10 years of experience can quickly respond to customer needs.

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